Emergency Food Relief

Emergency Food Relief

When the first distribution of food took place about 4 weeks ago after the earthquake hit, the people of Gran Sous, Nan Riske, and Lotboravin were very emotional. Comments during the distributions were recorded and translated. Here are a few…

“We should buy food but we don’t have the money to do so, especially for us since we have many children to care for, we see that this is a major problem. Either way we thank God and we celebrate the people of this community, we celebrate them and thank God for them.”

“Food is our source of strength, without food, we cannot live. That’s why in the past when we had food to eat we were always grateful.”

“We’re saying thank you to the organization who sent this food to us because we were in great need of it. Our homes are destroyed, we don’t have anything. We say thank you to this organization who sent us this food.”

When asked, “What role does the food have in your life today?”, three community members responded by saying…

“If you don’t eat, you do not have the strength to stand, food gives you energy and strength, it is your body’s fuel.”

“Food is very important and what they have done for us is extremely generous.”

“We only request that something is done about schools and universities because we suffer without them, we’re dying to have them back because we need education.”

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