Interview:  Carline Etienne

Interview: Carline Etienne

by Mara-Hiley Chery

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Lynn Haney: My Trip to Haiti

I awoke the first morning after our return from Gran Sous to the gentle sound of rain on the roof, classical music on the radio, and the security of my Connecticut life. I found it hard to believe that only 24 hours before, I had wakened to the sounds of roosters crowing, donkeys braying and dogs barking; the sounds of early morning in a remote mountain village in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

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Jennifer Demma: My Trip to Haiti

My name is Jennifer M. Demma and I am a Certified Nurse-Midwife living in Minneapolis and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Gran Sous, Haiti with a group of eleven people from the US as a part of a Roots of Development trip.

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Kathy Chartier: My Trip to Haiti

By Kathy Chartier

Saturday night, April 25th, I returned home from Gran Sous and slept in my own bed with my down pillow. In Gran Sous I slept in a bed, but in a mosquito tent with my coat for a pillow. A tarantula over my head the first night! Mosquitoes, 3 inch cockroaches and geckos in our room every night.

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