Nan Plim

Nan Plim

OBJECTIVE: Capture and treat a large water source

WHERE: Nan Plim
1,200 residents.

One Day’s Wages has approved this project for a matching grant.  Visit our campaign page to have your donation matched today!  If you would like to help fund this project, please  email us at to discuss fundraising efforts.


While completing our first water project in Gran Sous, we had the untreated water source in Nan Plim tested by Service National d’Eau Potable (SNEP) in Port-au-Prince (see test results below).  The earthquake forced us to direct resources to disaster response, but in 2011 we hope to focus on long-term projects once again.  The community of Nan Plim has requested this project.  In the coming months APDAG will survey water usage at the site and gather measurements for our engineers to begin construction plans. This project will not only capture and purify water from the source, but the area around the source will be managed to protect from further erosion by planting a mixture of trees and cash crops. The cash crops will eventually be harvested and provide income to the local community organization.



Pre-Project Water Test Results

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