Internet Access in Gran Sous

Internet Access in Gran Sous

By this Friday, July 22nd, the APDAG Community Center in Gran Sous, Haiti, will finally have reliable internet and telephone service! For us, it is hard to imagine that for the past year and 4 months, Gran Sous, Haiti has been completely void of internet or telephone service and yet through some serious commitment and patience, Roots of Development and APDAG have still accomplished so much. With the addition of a satellite-based internet and telephone service, Roots’ and APDAG’s capacity to grow and communicate will increase dramatically.

Mark and Jamie Summers of CNC Software have been kind enough to donate 5 laptops to APDAG’s community center.  Two of those computers are already in route to Haiti where one will solely serve as APDAG’s office computer and the other will be placed in the public internet space on the 2nd floor of the community center. This public internet space will not only impact the lives of the APDAG members, but will also be available to all members of the public for a fee. Though Roots of Development will be covering the initial installation fee of $2500, APDAG will be paying the $90 monthly internet and telephone fee with the money made from public internet space. APDAG is also expecting to be able to pay regular staff to work in the internet space in order to help those visitors who are unfamiliar with computers and internet usage. Roots has also set aside money to hold workshops to train community members basic computer and internet skills.   Roots always strives to use in-country resources, and in this case will hire Haitians to lead the computer workshops.  Beside the increased communication between Roots and APDAG, students returning home to Gran Sous for holidays and visits will be able to access the internet and continue their studies without having to travel a great distance.  A telephone with an American number will also be installed, allowing the residents of Gran Sous to easily call friends and relatives in the States without paying an astronomical fee.

With the addition of these communication services, Roots will be able to communicate with APDAG on a regular basis without having to plan a telephone call weeks in advance. Now, we can exchange documents, ideas, budgets, project proposals, water test results, and so much more in a matter of seconds. The router and computers will be powered with renewable and sustainable energy provided by the solar panels Chad Groshart installed in January of this year.

We would like to thank all of our continuous monthly donors for their trust and commitment to Roots of Development, as it is your donation that is paying for this crucial component to Roots’ and APDAG’s growth and wellbeing.



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