Under the Same Sky:  An Event for Haiti

Under the Same Sky: An Event for Haiti

October Newsletter: An Interview with Ms. Elza Dejean

In 1992, traveling far from her native home on La Gonave, Elza Dejean moved to the U.S. where she has since established a home for her three children.  Like many Haitians living in the U.S., Elza sends money back to her family in Haiti, but she has also become a donor to Roots of Development.   This month we decided to highlight Elza’s story to show that although some community members have left Haiti, they are still hopeful enough to not only support family members, but community initiatives as well.

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October Newsletter: An Update on Cholera and our Initiatives for Independence

The last time we wrote to you, the island of La Gonave had been hit with a cholera outbreak, affecting the residents of Gran Sous and surrounding communities.  Since our last update, however, we are relieved to report that the cholera situation in Gran Sous has improved.

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A Soapbox in Haiti



We just ran across A Soapbox in Haiti and would like to share it with you. The video series gives voice to the feelings, ideas, and convictions of Haitian citizens on topics significant to the country’s post-earthquake recovery.  The series features brief videos highlighting speakers from different sectors of Haitian society, including a filmmaker, priest, singer, and journalist. Check out A Soapbox in Haiti for more videos!