Progress in Nan Plim, Pt. 1

Progress in Nan Plim, Pt. 1

Work in Nan Plim is moving quickly thanks to APDAG, community members in Nan Plim, and Yee, our on-the-ground engineer.  After local residents cleared a fallen tree from the site back in September, Fefe, the head of the community group in Nan Plim, dug down to find the spring.  After approximately 1.5 meters he hit water.

In the weeks that followed, dozens of volunteers in the community worked to clear and expand roads leading to the spring to accommodate large trucks.  At the same time, APDAG and Nan Plim committee members travelled to Anse-a-Galets and Port-au-Prince to purchase construction materials.  After work on the roads  was completed, volunteers marked and dug out the future space of the 21,000 liter reservoir.

The reservoir’s capacity will exceed Gran Sous’ by 3,000 liters, allowing for significant growth in demand from the local population.  Our first water project in Gran Sous has seen demand quadruple since its inception.  When this new facility is complete, people from Nan Plim will not have to make the trek to Gran Sous for water, simultaneously easing their burden and lowering demand in Gran Sous.   

By early January the area around the source had been transformed from a rough dirt hole in the ground to concrete-lined protective structure.  Community members also dug an almost six-foot tall trench to lay piping that will connect the source to the reservoir.  We’re excited to see work moving so quickly in Nan Plim and want to thank you again for all of your support.  This project would not exist without your donations and a generous matching grant from One Day’s Wages.  Stay tuned for more updates!

Images (top to bottom):
1. A community member digging out the source.
2. Reinforcing the area around the source.
3. The captured source.

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