February Newsletter: Looking Forward, 2012

February Newsletter: Looking Forward, 2012

During 2011, Roots and APDAG worked hard to prepare a series of both Basic Needs and Initiatives for Independence projects to launch in 2012.  We would like to share our ambitious plans for 2012 with you, our supporters.

Basic Needs Projects:

Water – Last summer’s cholera outbreak in Gran Sous occurred as we were raising funds to match a grant from One Day’s Wages.  That grant ensured a new water facility in the community of Nan Plim, protecting community members from future outbreaks.  We’re proud to see the project progressing, but overall access to clean water in the area is still limited.  In 2012 Roots and APDAG hope to construct a rainwater collection tank in the community of Nan Riske, a shower facility with a greywater filtration system in Gran Sous, and begin work on a water treatment facility in the community of Nan Kafe.

Environmental Evaluation – In partnership with Seven Hills Global Outreach and a Haitian university, Roots will be supporting an evaluation of the local environment and a study into the agricultural production capacity of Gran Sous.  Currently, residents import a large amount of food from mainland Haiti.  We want to help residents of Gran Sous increase the quality and quantity of the food they grow to economically and nutritionally benefit local families.

Initiatives for Independence:

Women’s Group Business – After completing 30 days of workshops conducted by Femmes en Democratie, the women of GFDAG are almost ready to begin their business.  With the help of Femmes en Democratie, GFDAG will register with the Government of Haiti and purchase bulk goods for resale in and around Gran Sous.  Goods will be sold to GFDAG’s members at a reduced rate and eliminate the difficult trip to mainland Haiti that many women currently endure to buy items for resale on La Gonave.  All of this work will help earn money for their families, but the business has a secondary goal.  Profits will be used to pay for the education-related costs of local orphans who would otherwise not receive an education.

Construction Materials Business – After purchasing land for La Gonave’s construction materials business in 2011, Roots is now working to complete the next phase of the project.  In the upcoming year Roots aims to purchase the businesses machinery; a sand grinder and hydraulic concrete block press.  Eventually the project will require a perimeter wall, water tank, office space, and depot as the business expands.  Once completed, this business will employ the island’s residents and make the construction of new buildings and development projects more affordable and efficient.

For an overview of our Basic Needs and Initiatives for Independence projects, please visit our Projects page.

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