Join the Club - Fund the Future

Join the Club – Fund the Future

 Join the Club

Roots of Development is asking its supporters to join the Sustainers Club, a group of monthly donors that are committed to helping Roots be a truly sustainable organization.

At a minimum of just $5/month, you can help increase the only type of support we can rely on every month. What is even more exciting is that from now until June 30th, you will receive one raffle ticket for each $5 increment you donate to win one of the prizes below.  And, for every $5 increment someone else donates because of a referral from you, you will receive an additional raffle ticket.


Why a monthly donation versus a one-time donation?

Sustainability is at the heart of Roots’ mission both in and out of Haiti. In order to truly commit to our partners in Haiti we need to know we have the resources to back up our promises. We count on monthly donors for funding that is predictable and consistent.


Membership Benefits

Every member of the Sustainers Club that donates $25/month or more will receive a Roots tote bag, and each member that donates $50/month or more will receive a handmade piece of Haitian metalwork.

For this two-month campaign in particular, we are excited to have the following prizes*:

– A two-night/three-day stay at the Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort in Florida

– A beautiful piece of handmade Haitian artwork

– A ticket to the Boston Red Sox vs. the Detroit Tigers game on 5/31

*Donors receive one raffle ticket for every $5 increment they commit to donating a month, or for every $5 increment current monthly donors decide to increase their donation.

Additionally, at the end of the campaign, the individual that has signed up to donate the most per month will receive a unique piece of Haitian metalwork directly from Croix-des-Bouquets. 


For more details on prizes and eligibility, please visit the Monthly Donor Campaign Page.