EMERGENCY UPDATE PART II: No Treated Water and Loss of Homes

EMERGENCY UPDATE PART II: No Treated Water and Loss of Homes

While our partners in Haiti continue rationing out the last full tank of treated water to residents, community members continue to clean out the protective shelter around the water source. Though they do not yet have access to treated drinking water, their effort to clean up the spring has resulted in access to water that can be used for cooking (boiling), cleaning, and bathing. The community has also collectively begun assembling rocks that will be used in the construction of larger, stronger retaining walls to protect the facility better in the future.

We have made contact with several engineers in Haiti that, in the next few days, will visit the facility, assess the damage, and help the community develop a plan and budget to repair the damaged piping and construct additional retaining walls. We are extremely grateful to those of you who have donated already but we still need more support if we are to get the facility back up and running. Please continue sending these updates to friends and family before our issue becomes too distant to them.

The other disturbing update we have gotten is about families that have lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy. It is the same as we are seeing in New York and New Jersey, but the stark difference between the two is that in rural Haiti there is NO such thing as homeowners insurance or federal or state emergency funds that will be there for these people. We have to be there for these people!

To make a donation now, in support of our relief efforts, click here.

Thank you for your continued sacrifice and support. Please remain by our side.

Chad W. Bissonnette
Executive Director

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