APDAG Holds First Election

APDAG Holds First Election

This past December, APDAG finished off the year by electing their new officials for the upcoming year.  Although some positions were uncontested, it was still a suspenseful election since it was APDAG’s first in their six years of existence. Two equally qualified candidates ran for the positions of both President and Secretary of Finance respectfully.


Mathurin Andre, a long-time volunteer for APDAG ran against incumbent Stevenson Justin for President.  Mathurin has been instrumental in running APDAG’s internet cafe, hosts a radio program, and happens to be one of the few community members that can speak English.  In the end, Mathurin lost by just one vote to Stevenson.


The position of Secretary of Finance had three candidates seeking office. Among the candidates were Charles Fouchard the Assistant secretary of Finances, Vice-President St. Luc Fonite, and the incumbent Camil Jonny.  In the end Jonny, like Stevenson, was reelected to his position.  While many past officers did not run for their old positions, many still ended up in new leadership positions.


In the end, the community chose a skilled council to run the organization and their future work.  The election was run by a local pastor, a community member, and the leader of the women’s group.   When we asked Pastor Dechand about the election, he had this to say:

“A couple people were re-elected. I’m happy about that because the team gets to continue with the amazing work they were doing already. Collaboration and willingness is the only way the team can continue to succeed and I don’t doubt for a second that they can’t do that. They collaborate really well and they all are eager to see more changes in the community.”


On Thursday, January 31st, APDAG formally transitioned from the old administration to the new one.  We, without a doubt, expect to continue to see great things from APDAG and their new administration in this year. 

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