Follow these step by step instructions to vote. It only takes about 2 minutes, and will mean $10,000 worth of funding for our work!


STEP 1: Click the following link to open the projects page (and then return here to follow the rest of the instructions):

STEP 2: After opening the projects page, click on the blue “Log In” link (next to the words “Already have a project?“) and log in to Facebook.

STEP 3: Once you have logged in to Facebook, scroll down to find and click on Roots of Development’s project page.


STEP 4: Once you have gotten to our project page, click on the blue button that says “Vote with a Kind Act”

STEP 5: Then click on the pop-up window to like KIND on facebook. Another pop-up window will appear to let you choose a kind act to help register your vote for our project. Choose any kind act, make it a fun one!

STEP 6: THIS NEXT AND FINAL STEP IS REALLY IMPORTANT! After you have voted, the pop-up below will appear. If you click on each of the three buttons to share on your facebook page, on your twitter page and via email…you can earn us three extra votes!! 

You will know that all your votes have counted when you see the screen below:

With your help we can win this…thanks for your vote and for spreading the word!

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