A Look inside KONBIT DC: Haitian Art Exhibit & Curator talk from Galerie Monnin!

A Look inside KONBIT DC: Haitian Art Exhibit & Curator talk from Galerie Monnin!

Roots of Development’s 6th Annual Fundraiser: KONBIT DC is almost here! We are looking forward to a night rich in Haitian culture, with delicious traditional Haitian food, cocktails, folkloric dancers and tanbou drummers, and even a Haitian art tour! Roots of Development is thrilled to have Galerie Monnin has an event partner for KONBIT DC leading our Haitian Art Exhibit and curator talk!


Galerie Monnin has always been at the forefront of the art scene since they opened in 1956. Founded by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Monnin after they immigrated to Port-au-Prince, Haiti from Jura, Switzerland, Galerie Monnin has housed and exposed worldwide a myriad of Haitian art ranging from sacred and vodou themed to contemporary collections.


Throughout the years, the gallery “has continued to strive to be the avant garde of the artistic and cultural development of Haiti; and this despite all the socio-political turmoil, the misadventures and the ups and downs of this singular little country of fiercely individual creators. Galerie Monnin’s history is especially the story of a family deeply anchored to the realistic and the imaginary Haiti”.


According to Gael Monnin, her work goes beyond simply art for the sake of art. In her eyes, her work “consists in changing preconceived notions and negative imagery that the world might have towards Haiti” and she sees no better way to do that than “by promoting Haiti’s vibrant art and it’s tasteful culture.”



During the art tour at KONBIT DC, not only will attendees have the opportunity to view selected pieces from the coveted collection (including those pictured here), but they will also learn firsthand about the context and history of each piece from Gael Monnin herself. Haitian art offers true insight into the culture of this historic island nation and is just one of the many ways we plan on bringing Haiti to Washington, DC this July!






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Our Most Exciting Video Update Yet!

Get excited for our upcoming 6th Annual Fundraiser: KONBIT DC with a video update from Executive Director Chad Bissonnette, as he gives you a sneak preview of all that there is to look forward to this year! Guests will soak in the feel of the Caribbean with delectable tastes and signature cocktails, with a live performance of Haitian dancing and drumming, and a Haitian art tour within the Theatre courtesy of Galerie Monnin. General admission for all ticket-holders begins at 7:00 pm.


The Exclusive Champagne VIP Reception for VIP ticket-holders begins at 6:00pm, brought to you by Moet & Chandon.


It will certainly be an event you won’t want to miss! Check out www.rootsofdevelopmentkonbitdc.eventbrite.com for more information and to buy your tickets today!