Computers for the Community, We need your support!

Computers for the Community, We need your support!

It is without a doubt that the modern era has been shaped by the rise of computers. Not only are they invaluable resources for increasing productivity, but computers also enable individuals to spread ideas and knowledge that can lead to new skills, employment, and new ways of thinking. For the growth and development of any community, access to computers and the internet has become an essential component. Click here to learn more and find out how you can help!


APDAG sharing older computer models at a community meeting

Roots is currently working to provide its partner organization, APDAG, and other members of their community on the island of La Gonave in Haiti with a new set of computers. A new set of computers will enable APDAG to communicate with partners across the island and around the world. It gives them access to tools to plan and coordinate life-changing projects for their community, and it allows them to better tracking  and measurement to improve effectiveness of their process. Computers also allow them to more effectively share what is happening with their projects, while also learning from the experiences of other communities across La Gonave and Haiti as a whole. This helps to facilitate further collaboration between community leaders and organizations who are all working to improve their communities and their country.


Children at the Community Center taking informal computer trainings

In addition to supporting APDAG, these computers will remain available at the community center for use from other community members. Through these computers, both adult and children in the community are able to learn and practice valuable computer skills, and access the internet and communicate with friends and family who live outside of La Gonave. These computer literacy skills are extremely important in navigating the modern marketplace, and helps to expand their access to opportunities.


You know what a resource these computers can be, and we need your help! Your contribution to this campaign will support APDAG and the community access opportunities and gain further tools necessary to navigate their own way from poverty.


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