APDAG reaches another significant milestone!

Our local community partner APDAG, just reached another significant milestone in their journey to greater organizational capacity and independence. They have successfully completed repayment of a US$5,000 loan we lent them when they started their transportation business!

With your support a couple years ago, we raised money to help APDAG buy a truck and start a transportation business. However, after the truck had been bought, they needed more money to alter it, to make it functional for the type of transportation they were going to be doing. They needed money to cut off the boxed back of the truck, lift the truck up off its frame more to give it greater clearance over the rocky terrain on La Gonave, and to build an open iron basket-like back. We spent time discussing what it means to take on a loan and eventually drafted up an agreement. Both parties signed the agreement and Roots lent them the money (US $5,000).

They just finished paying back the loan and sent a thank you letter to Roots for providing them with the opportunity. It is pretty exciting and a real milestone as far as their capacity goes. A real example of “Development without Dependency”!

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