I need your help.

I need your help.

Roots of Development

Dear Supporter,
Can you help out? As you probably know, we held our annual fundraiser in D.C. last month. While folks really enjoyed themselves and it was one of our most unique events yet, we unfortunately came away about $6,500 shy of what we needed to raise. We could really use your help making up this difference, as we are about to launch our most ambitious and most impactful project yet.
The Rasin team in Haiti is getting ready to start the next phase of our Local Capacity-Building & Community Development Program on La Gonave. The program is a long-term project aimed at identifying young leaders and strong community-based organizations across the island, and providing them with the skills and support they need to carry out more community-driven development and improve quality of life on La Gonave. This is the largest and most expansive project in our organization’s history, and necessary for transforming La Gonave into the hub of community-driven development that we know it can be.


Please make a donation this month, to help us make up for this deficit of $6,500. Any amount will help. Make a donation online, purchase one of the handmade metal art pieces featured below, or create a fundraiser for Roots of Development on Facebook. We need your help.


Chad Bissonnette
Executive Director

Roots of Development is a 501c3 organization that is audited annually by an independent CPA.