The communities we work with choose, build, manage, and maintain their own projects.

They decide their own future.

We believe in Development Without Dependency. If the efforts you are supporting only help a population meet its immediate needs and don’t provide the population with an opportunity to address those needs again on their own in the future, you are doing relief work not development.

Where will real change come from?

Since the 2010 earthquake, organizations have been rebuilding and replacing homes all over Haiti. One of the largest international organizations in the world (that also works in La Gonave with us) has been constructing houses like the one seen on the left, while we have been constructing homes like the one on the right. Both cost the same amount of money, but which one would you want to call home?

Roots of Development aims to lead by example by setting the bar higher for other charitable organizations

Too often, charitable organizations and NGOs will carry out projects without the consent, or sometimes without even informing, local authorities. Roots of Development is different. We do everything in our power to recognize the mistakes made by most development organizations and strive to be the best example we can be. We are committed to carrying out every project with accountability and transparency–and that includes obtaining the proper authorization and legal documentation from the local authorities where we work.

Though this may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of development, it is a very important piece. By informing and obtaining authorization from the local government, we as an organization respect and uphold the law, support better planning and coordination, empower local government, and ensure transparency and community collaboration within the development process.

Roots of Development aims to lead by example by setting the bar higher for other charitable organizations and NGOs and by staying true to our commitment to development without dependency!

Authorization from the mayor to work in the commune of Anse-a-Galets

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