2nd Community Water System
Nan Plim completed water facility

1 billion people on the planet do not have access to clean drinking water. We want to help change that!

Type: Water
Objective: Provide a community with access to potable water by capturing an underground spring and treating the water in a large tank with collection faucets
Where: Nan Plim, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: 1,200 residents
Cost: $23,000
Funding Partners: One Day’s Wages
Implementation Partners: Yee Chen, engineer

While completing our first water project in Gran Sous, residents from the community of Nan Plim asked if they could get help capturing and treating their water source. We had the Nan Plim water source tested by Service National d’Eau Potable (SNEP) in Port-au-Prince and found it had very high levels of bacteria. The project involves capturing an underground spring, laying piping that will carry the water to a large tank, and then treating the water in the tank so it is safe to drink. The tank will have piping exiting it from the bottom and connected to faucets that people will be able to collect their water with. In order to protect the piping, treatment tank, and collection area, a retaining wall will be built to divert heavy rainfall and debris falling down the side of the nearby mountain. A mixture of trees and shrubbery will also be planted around the area so that heavy roots can take hold and further erosion can be prevented.




Nan Plim Water Project