Community Meeting Space

A dedicated space for a dedicated group of Haitians

Type: Business Initiatives
Objective: Provide offices and a meeting space for APDAG and its sub-committees.
Where: Gran Sous, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Direct-28 members of APDAG, Indirect-over 2,500 residents
Cost: $20,000.00*
Funding Partners: Private Donors

To become more organized and increase its capacity, our local partners APDAG required a place they could sit and meet, invite the rest of the community to come together and plan their future. Construction began in May 2010 and finished in January 2011. The second floor houses office space for APDAG and a large meeting space for members of the local development association and visitors. APDAG’s office space serves as a central location for communications, planning, and record keeping.

In 2011, the building received significant upgrades. First, in January of that year, a series of solar panels were installed in order to provide power and lighting to the building. Then, in August, the building was hooked up to satellite internet, which allows APDAG and community residents the ability to better communicate via the internet and telephone.

*The building in its entirety cost $42,000, but was distributed amongst several different sections of the building (each with its own function).