Gran Sous Public Toilet

 2.6 billion people in developing countries lack access to basic sanitation. We want to help change that!

Type: Sanitation
Objective: Construct a public toilet facility adjacent to the Gran Sous Community Center due to increased traffic in and around the building.
Where: Gran Sous, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Members of APDAG and the hundreds of community residents served by the center.
Cost: $3,500
Funding Partners: Roots of Development Volunteers

In January 2011 APDAG completed construction of a community center in Gran Sous.  In addition to office and meeting spaces for both APDAG and members of the community, the building also houses an internet cafe and storage space for APDAG’s tool depot and rental facility. To complete the building, solar panels were installed later in the year to provide sustainable power.  With all of its uses, the community center saw increased traffic in and around the building.  The only thing missing were toilets that could serve the individuals utilizing the community center. With a donation of land from a member of APDAG and fundraising by a group of volunteers who visited in Gran Sous in April, APDAG was able to finish construction of a toilet facility in June 2012.  Consisting of four toilets, the facility has one toilet for the family of the APDAG member who graciously gave his land for the community’s benefit, two public toilets, and one urinal.  With the help of our volunteers and APDAG, everyone who uses the community space now has access to basic sanitation.