Gran Sous Shower Facility

Providing for people and protecting the environment

Type: Water and Sanitation
Objective: Construct a showering facility that involves a grey water filtration system to protect area drinking water and keep water that travels downstream free of contaminants.
Where: Gran Sous, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Hundreds of community residents
Cost: $11,350
Funding Partners: Concern Worldwide
Implementing Partners: Concern WorldwideEngr. Geoffrey Kurgan, Krista Greet, Ed Kaminski, Penn State University, and Engineers Without Borders-DC

The Gran Sous Shower facility will extend off of Roots’ 1st community water project and focus on improving water quality downstream. APDAG, the community association with whom we work directly, asked for a design that would more appropriately allow local residents use of the stream for laundry needs and showering.  A team of engineers and students have planned a structure that will include the relocation of a local stream and a biosand filtration system that will clean the water of contaminants so residents living downstream are not effected by uses upstream.