Public Toilet

2.6 billion people in developing countries lack access to basic sanitation. We want to help change that!

Type: Sanitation
Objective:Build a public toilet for the residents of the community of Nan Plim
Where: Nan Plim, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: 450 residents
Cost: $2,000
Funding Partners: Private donors

At the request of residents from the community of Nan Plim, APDAG agreed to support the construction of a public latrine in the area. Residents in the area spoke of not having a place to go to the bathroom, so they sent a delegation to Gran Sous to speak with APDAG. Members of APDAG decided to support not only the construction of the latrine but also support the Nan Plim residents, where the toilet would be built, to get more involved in their own development-beginning with the construction of the latrine.