Rainwater Collection Tank

1 billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean drinking water. We want to help change that!

Type: Water
Objective: Build a rainwater collection tank to provide an alternative source of drinking water for community residents.
Where: Nan Riske, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: 500 residents
Cost: $17,000
Funding Partners:   Putnam Rotary Club, New York Avenue Presbyterian Church 


The community in Nan Riske was hit hardest in the cholera outbreak of summer 2011. Even before cholera came to Haiti in October 2010 however, community leaders in Nan Riske requested APDAG and Roots’ assistance funding a rainwater collection tank in their community. Nan Riske is situated downstream from Gran Sous.  As a result, many residents drink contaminated water.

Construction on the tank began in November 2012 as area residents were recovering from Hurricane Sandy.  The roof of a nearby church will be utilized to collect water through a system of gutters.  Construction has been slower than anticipated because community members found large boulders underground when they began digging out the tank footprint.  These boulders were smashed by volunteers using tools in hand.