Solar Energy System

Sustainable energy for sustainable development

Type: Community Business
Objective: Provide solar power to the community space, tool depot, and communication center.
Where: Gran Sous, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Direct-135 association members, Indirect-2,500 residents
Cost: $11,000
Funding Partners: Atelier Ten, Inc., Private Donors
Implementing Partners: Chad Groshart, architectural lighting designer

In January 2011, volunteer Chad Groshart traveled to La Gonave with Roots’s Executive Director Chad Bissonnette to install solar panels on the roof of the Gran Sous community space and tool depot.  The electricity provides lighting to the community meeting space, APDAG’s office, an internet cafe and cell phone charging station, and the tool rental depot.

This project enables APDAG to host meetings into the night, communicate with Roots staff in the U.S. more effectively, and generate revenue for upcoming projects. The system will provide sustainable power to the community for years to come.