Tool Depot and Rental Facility

Unemployment rates on La Gonave are as high as 85%

Type: Community Business
Objective: Open up a business run by the community, which creates jobs, provides a valuable service to local residents, and generates revenue for future projects.
Where: Gran Sous, La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Direct-a number of employees, Indirect-2,500 residents
Cost: $18,000
Funding Partners: Private Donors

The tool rental facility will be the first of many micro-enterprise projects in and around the community of Gran Sous. The tool depot was constructed from August 2009 to April 2010. The depot will house tools for rent, and construction materials for sale. It will provide residents around the area with access to tools for personal use or larger, joint community projects, and provide greater employment opportunities for residents who work in the field of construction.

This initiative will allow the members of APDAG to begin collecting funds from the rented tools and purchased materials that can then be used by the committee to maintain past projects and expand future programming. It will also provide employment to several members by creating positions responsible for daily operations of the depot.