Leadership Trainings with CDECH

“Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it”

Type: Leadership Trainings
Objective: Sets of 12-month facilitations & trainings to help increase and strengthen the organizational capacity of APDAG
Where: La Gonave, Haiti
Beneficiaries: Over 135 members
Cost: +$65,000
Funding Partners: Several individual donors
Implementation Partner:  CDECH-Haiti

In order to grow and continue meeting the challenges facing its community, APDAG needs greater organizational capacity and technical knowledge. CDECH-Haiti’s 12-month trainings with APDAG help augment APDAG’s capabilities as a community organization as well as impart upon it crucial technical skills.

APDAG has already worked with CDECH for a first engagement and are now prepared to work with them for another engagement. Together they will work to complete seven objectives that will allow APDAG to continue strengthening its capacity and providing valuable infrastructure and economic opportunities to the communities it serves. The objectives cover a range of areas that CDECH and APDAG have identified as currently being of greatest importance:

  1. Developing and executing an annual plan and related budget
  2. Organizational capacity-building workshops that will strengthen specific skills APDAG needs to develop in order to be a stronger association
  3. Valuing and mobilizing local resources (human and material)
  4. Forming strategic partnerships with local and non-local entities that have resources that can help them achieve their goals
  5. Strengthening and maintaining already existing initiatives
  6. Starting new enterprises in order to create alternative sources of revenue
  7. Implementing new basic infrastructure projects

Consistent with Roots’ mantra of “Development without Dependency”, at the end of these engagements, APDAG and the local communities it represents will be better equipped to manage their own development.

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Capacity-building and CDECH trainings