Help Roots of Development become a more sustainable organization in 2021!

At the end of 2020, we launched a campaign to become a more sustainable organization by raising $1,000 in new monthly funding.

Achieving this goal will make us less dependent on unpredictable changes in giving. It will also cover the salaries of our entire staff in Haiti, which represents an important piece of our annual budget and allow us to use other funds raised throughout the year to finance more community development.

“We are constantly looking at ways we can strengthen ourself as a nonprofit, to use our resources more effectively and broaden the impact of our work.”

Chad W Bissonnette, Co-Founder and Executive Director

In place of, or in addition to, a one-time donation, we are asking you to consider a more sustainable approach to giving…a recurring, monthly donation. It is the most helpful and impactful way you can support Roots of Development.

Currently, we have 92 recurring donors who donate a total of $5,235 a month. There are donors who give $500 a month and others who give $10 a month. It all adds up and means a great deal to us and the sustainability of our work. Your donation is tax-deductible and you will automatically receive a receipt by email on the same day your donation is processed each month.

While any amount is appreciated, if you sign up to give $100 a month or more, you will automatically become a part of Roots of Development’s Executive Funder’s Circle (EFC). As a member of the EFC, you will be invited to attend exclusive meetings held throughout the year with board members and staff. You will be able to share your thoughts and opinions about the direction of the organization and be given free or discounted admission to our annual events.

Please help us meet our goal by signing up as a monthly donor today!

As a special thank you, we are sending every recurring donor who signs up or increases their monthly donation this month, a reusable, cotton tote bag designed by one of Roots of Development’s former board members and D.C. restaurateur Sak Pollert. The bags come in the four colors of the Roots logo and are stamped with the words “To La Gonave With Love”.

Image of gift tote bags

Development without Dependency