EMERGENCY UPDATE PART III: Damage Assessment Complete

EMERGENCY UPDATE PART III: Damage Assessment Complete


After reaching out to several on-the-ground contacts we have worked with in the past, we were able to connect to staff at Concern Worldwide, an international humanitarian organization with headquarters in Ireland. Engineer Chaungo Barasa, Concern Haiti’s WASH Programme Coordinator, met with members of our local partner APDAG to visit the water facility and assess the damage.


After evaluating and testing the current state of the spring source (reservoir), the piping, the collection tank and faucets, he reported the following:

  • The delivery pipe which carries water downstream from the source to the collection tank was broken into two, hence interrupting the supply
  • The existing retaining wall, 2-2.5m high (6.5-8.5ft), was breached by the storm waters, which caused flooding in and around the source, its protective shelter, and the collection tank
  • The retaining wall, however, is intact
  • The shelter around the source was eroded by the descending currents of water, allowing storm water to enter and pollute the source (reservoir)
  • The safe water system has not been functional since about the 28th of October.  People are drawing water from a pool on the ground in front of the source (reservoir) where children also swim

Engineer Barasa has provided APDAG with recommendations as to how the facility can be repaired and eventually improved over a series of stages (based on time and available funds). The immediate plan to restore supply of treated water, which consists of emergency repairs to the delivery pipe and disinfection of the spring source. We expect this to be taken care of this week so we can then begin tackling the recommendations Engineer Barasa has given for short and medium-term repairs and improvements to the facility.


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